Did you know that if you use Facebook, you have a Facebook.com email address? No big deal until you add in the fact that starting yesterday morning, the only email that Facebook lists on your profile now is your facebook.com email address. I am not sure why this upset me so much this morning upon hearing about it. It could be that I actually went onto someone’s Facebook profile yesterday to confirm their email address before I sent them a request for a quote on some custom wood work that I was wanting done. I was surprised to see that the only email address that was listed was her facebook.com address. I use Facebook almost everyday to post items to share with friends and family, keep in touch with people around the world, and generally escape for a bit form my desk. I do not do business transactions through Facebook though. Considering the fact that every word that passes through their servers is looked at electronically and stored to wait for an advertiser to purchase an ad using that key word – I do not like to use something like that for business. Like wise, some of the people and groups that I work with are connected to me on Facebook. I tell people that one of the first things to look for in dealing with a web designer/programmer/it company is “Can they even set up their own domain name to get email at?”, so how does it look when I suddenly am using a facebook.com email? Or at my daytime job where our company’s Facebook page is listing a Facebook.com email address rather than our official email address?

The part that really rubs me the wrong way is that they made this change with out telling the users. When I use Facebook, I agree to give up a certain amount of privacy for them to be able to sell ads to companies that think that I may be interested in them, and some of the ads do actually do a good job at knowing what I may be interested in. What bothers me is that I never agreed for them to change how I want people to contact me. If they want to read the IMs that I send to others on Facebook – cool. If they want to read the posts that I post to my wall, or other walls – cool. If they want to tell people that the only way to contact me is by sending them an email – not cool.

Now you are saying – “Enough of the rant already! How do I fix it?”. Simple –

  • Go to your timeline and click “About” (normally somewhere below your profile pic)
  • Find “Contact Info” and click “Edit”
  • You will see the email addresses associated with your Facebook account listed at the top, and two drop downs next to each address.
  • The first drop down is the privacy settings of who can see that email address (Public, Friends, Only Me, etc.) and the second drop down is wether or not that email will be visible on your timeline
  • Find the email(s) that you want shown – set the privacy  settings where you want them, and then set it to be visible in your timeline.
  • When you are done with the settings for each of your email addresses that you want set, click “Save” at the bottom.
  • Poof! The world is right once again.

Ah, I feel much better now. Be sure to let your friends know so that they too can choose how people communicate with them.

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